A1 H.D. Laundry Detergent

A high quality, heavy duty, high sudsing laundry detergent. It is blended to include complex detergent builders, surfactants, wetting agents and optical brighteners and is recommended for use in both soft and hard water areas. It is ideal for domestic and

institutional use, as well as for more delicate washing operations. It also does well on heavy soil removal. A1 H.D. Laundry Detergent works well with any type of alkali.

Available in: 4x4L, 20L or 205L

A1 Alkali Builder

Concentrated Liquid Laundry Alkali detergent used for commercial and institutional laundry operation to help eliminate heavy soils, oils and grease during the wash cycle.

Available in: 4x4L, 20L or 205L

A1 Liquid Neutralizer

A concentrated liquid laundry neutralizing agent that effectively neutralizes the residual alkaline present in commercial and institutional laundry process. This product is also effective in rust removing and prevents the yellowing and discoloration caused by high iron in the wash water.

Available in: 4x4L, 20L or 205L

A1 Fabric Softener

Is a creamy liquid product with a fresh, Classic Clean scent that leaves laundered fabric with a pleasing scent. A1 Fabric Softener is formulated as a concentrated blend of softeners and anti-static agents for use in commercial and institutional laundry applications. It is added after the rinse cycle and it has an excellent softening properties that reduce drying time and enables longer linen life. The elimination of static cling, the long lasting fresh scent and the incredibly soft feel on hands go a long way to making this product a must for preventing skin irritation and bed sores.

Available in: 4x4L, 20L or 205L