What our clients are saying…

“In the course of doing business with Alliance Soap Manufacturing, I have seen Don in a variety of situations. He has a tendency to remain calm and focused and ready to serve his customer. Don presents himself very well and is a person I feel I can always depend on. I would never question his motives or doubt his integrity. Even when we disagree I trust his honesty and commitment to the task. He is a person of character, and his business reflects that very clearly. It is, and I am confident it will continue to be a pleasure doing business with Don, and Alliance Soap Manufacturing.”
Frank Forber –
Long time client

“Our company has a stiff requirement when it comes to the quality of products that we carry and Alliance Soap Manufacturing never fails to satisfy that. They also provide  us with a reliable technical support and excellent customer service.”
Carol Shanahan –
Long time client

“My company has been dealing with Alliance Soap Manufacturing for years now and so far the quality of their products are  still superb at a very competitive cost. The way they treat us is a key factor for our long  term business  partnership.”
Moe Faraji –
Long time client

“I’ve tried so many products that can clean our greasy and heavily soiled production floor & machineries but nothing really works, until I found the A1e Power Maxx in one of the jan/san store. This product is very effective, works perfect on our facility and being “Ecologo certified” we fell safe and confident in using this product. We have no plans in using anything other than this, I would recommend it to everybody.”   – Anonymous client –